Current Accommodation Prices

Posted on: May 2nd, 2016 by John Melenhorst

Queen Room with French Doors onto a delightful Balcony

Nig20160225_141717_resizedhtly Rate $135

***Weekly rates available***



Library Room – Large Bay Windows with a collection of  old books to read

N20160225_141941_resizedightly Rate $135

***Weekly rates available***



Family Room with King Bed and Bunk Bed

Nightl20160225_142301_resizedy Rate $135 per couple (extra $10 per night per additional person)

***Weekly rates available***



Twin Room – 2 King Single Beds (shared bathroom) **Unavailable until further notice**  20160225_142158_resized

Nightly Rate $100

***Weekly rates available***


The Queen Room

Posted on: September 21st, 2015 by John Melenhorst

The Queen Room Porch with Christmas Cactus Blooming

Porch Flowers





Breakfast on the sunny porch is a delight!


The Queen Room has a new floor! Out came the old carpet and nice new rugs and a beautifully restored timber floor give the room a brand new look!







while ……Still retaining the old world charm!

Bacon St 41-04

Here is the new little kitchen all sparkling and useful!


The charming old fashioned bathroom.

Bacon St 41-28

Book by calling 02 6642 2292 or email us at

The Twin Room is Pet Friendly too

Posted on: September 21st, 2015 by John Melenhorst

The Twin Room

A room especially welcome for couples who like to share a room, but not necessarily a bed.

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This room along with the other rooms, has a kitchenette for your convenience and a comfortable dining area has been created and of course the same complimentary breakfast and supplies are provided.

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Here is the convenient kitchenette.

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The full size bathroom with bath is right next door and is for this rooms exclusive use .

Book by calling 02 6642 2292 or email us at atherosarybnb@gmail

Bacon St 41-29

The King-Library Room

Posted on: September 21st, 2015 by John Melenhorst

We’ve recently changed two of our rooms to make them more user friendly!

Our very pleasant “King Room” with the large bay windows used to have two king size beds but as the need for another big Queen bedroom was called for we swapped beds and  have created an elegant bedroom for couples!

Below pics show what it looks like and we have had a very good response to this change.

Here is the latest response:

Paul and partner, Very comfortable homely and relaxing =. Great stop after a long drive. Great breaky. Thank you!!!

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Queen Bed

barbs I phone 205 - Copy






Our library is in the King Room !
Enjoy a browse but please do not remove books.

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Charming Bay Windows with two easy chairs to relax in and TV and DVD player.
Videos are free and you can find them in the hallway on the table along with flyers for local eating places,
maps and other tourist information.

barbs I phone 201 - Copy






Bright and fully stocked kitchenette adjoins bathroom facilities.

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All rooms have fully stocked complimentary breakfast supplies in refrigerators as well as tea, coffee also shampoo/ conditioner etc.

Book by calling 02 6642 2292 or email us at atherosarybnb@gmail

Family Room

Posted on: September 21st, 2015 by John Melenhorst

Great Family accommodation!
Comfy king sized bed for the adults and extra room for the kids!!

Comments from our last family ! What a beautiful house and gorgeous room! Was a real delight to find this hidden gem!
Thank you for the hospitality – have already recommended to friends.
Was a lovely stay wish it was longer. Best sleep in your provided bed!!

Mum and dad’s bed!






The main room is big enough to take a dining table and TV with DVD player!

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Kitchenette with complimentary breakfast & essentials provided!

barbs I phone 194






Kids are close but you can shut the door for privacy!!

Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds






In Shower/toilet  we provide shampoo/conditioner/soap.

Book by calling 02 6642 2292 or email us at


Posted on: December 31st, 2014 by John Melenhorst

Our decision to make THE ROSARY pet friendly has been a winner.


People love travelling with their pets and finding a friendly overnight or long term stay is quite a challenge from the reports we get.

Have been happy to provide a comfortable bed for all our two legged and four legged guest !

Feel free to call ahead and make sure you get a bed for the night but we are also happy to take you at short notice if you are caught on the hop.

No time is too late as we live on the premises and will welcome you any time.

Home Phone is 02 6642 2292


Kids School Holidays coming up?

Posted on: August 18th, 2013 by John Melenhorst

Kids School Holidays coming up?

Bacon St 41-23

If you are thinking taking the kids away for their school holidays remember we  are Pet and Kid Friendly so your favorite kid is our favorite kid and so is your pooch!


With school holidays coming up were happy to take family bookings at very competitive prices so give us a shout and we will talk about your plans.

Plenty of things to do around Grafton if you want the kids to have an outdoorsy type of holiday!

Nymboida River Rafting is about 40 minutes away and there is also plenty of places to fish on the Clarence River !

Beach and river fishing nearby at Wooli and Minnie Waters!
A short drive to Yamba and the Heritage Gibraltar Range. Waterfalls and spectacular walks all with a short driving distance.

Bring your boat and your dog on your holidays!

If you have a boat bring it along, plenty of free off street parking  for your car and boat and the kids can actually get their bikes out and go for a ride as we have plenty of roads and no traffic lights around our B & B!







Wooli River perfect for fishing with the kids! 

Must point out the NEWLY RESTORED family theater “The Saraton” showing the latest releases and only a ten minute walk from our place. You can even let the kids go there by themselves! Just like to good old days!

Also got Ten Pin Bowling, Tennis courts, Hockey, Roller Skating Rink and big shopping center !

There’s no better place for the kids school holidays!

Cook up a storm on the BBQ and enjoy our back yard, let the kids feed the chooks and collect the eggs.
Those things are magic for children who only see eggs in cartons and have never seen a chook lay!

Bacon St 41-19

It might just be warm enough for a swim in our pool!
Have to see what the weatherman brings though!
Remember our motto! Easy to find and well worth finding.

A great place to come and spend with the kids on the school holidays!

If you want to get away from the  city lights and have an old fashioned holiday, send an email to

Ph 02 6642 2292 or email


Photo’s of The Rosary B and B Grafton

Posted on: May 7th, 2013 by John Melenhorst

Jaca TreeBridge road 2John's CreationBacon St 41-27Bacon St 41-04060712_0437_LifeAtTheRo3.jpgBacon St 41-12Bacon St 41-29Bacon St 41-10Bacon St 41-19Bacon St 41-15Bacon St 41-26


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Bacon St 41-28
Bacon St 41-09


Grafton Pet Friendly Guest House On The Clarence River

Posted on: January 5th, 2013 by John Melenhorst

The Clarence River is situated in north-eastern New South Wales!

Bridge road 2

The Grafton B & B Guest House is situated approx 500 m from its banks.

One of the highlights for guests is to walk across the footbridge on the same level as the railway line.

The road bridge is on the second level.

The river originates on the watershed that marks the Queensland border.
After flowing south and north-east for 394 km it then empties into the Pacific Ocean at Iluka/Yamba.

On its journey it passes through the towns of Grafton, Ulmarra, Cowper/Brushgrove, Maclean and Harwood.
Its chief tributaries are the Mann River, Nymboida River, and Orara River.

The river features many large river islands, including Susan Island, Woodford Island, Chatsworth Island, and Harwood Island.
The river supports a large prawn trawling and fishing industry.

The Clarence River

The Clarence River system is an extensive East Coast drainage with many tributaries of differing size.
Apart from the Murray River, it is the largest river in mainland Australia south of the Tropic of Capricorn,
though its flow for comparison is only half that of the Potomac.

Its basin is, together with the very similarly-sized Hawkesbury, Australia’s largest Pacific watershed south of Bundaberg.
The extremely intense rainfalls that typify the North Coast mean, however, that major floods can temporarily
raise the flow of the Clarence River to levels equivalent to some of the largest rivers in the world.

The Grafton B & B Guest House is situated in a flood free zone, making it a safe place to overnight if the river
is flooding down or up stream.

Fun on The Clarence River


While the sight of the Clarence River is inspirational, there are quite a few water sport events that bring people from far and wide to Grafton.

The most famous is the Bridge to Bridge, a fantastic Water Ski Race from Grafton to McLean and back! An endurance race not for the faint hearted!
Another great event is the Rowing Regatta called “The Head of the River” where schools come to compete from all over NSW and Queensland, which is held in November -December.
Of course the local Rowing and Sailing Clubs are active all year round and its a thrilling sight to watch the rowing teams at practice or sit and enjoy the yachts with their sails filled to bursting while using the vast expanse of the river south of Susan Island.

As our guest house has a large back yard with easy access to store your boat, staying at the Rosary B & B makes good sense! A hearty breakfast before you set off on your day on the water, is another convenient service that we provide for our guests! Just look in your fridge and the makings are there!

Call us on 02 664 22292  for inquiries re vacancies or email us here:

John by the Nymboida River near Grafton





Jacaranda Time in Grafton

Bridge road 2

No Traffic Lights at Grafton!

Posted on: December 9th, 2012 by John Melenhorst

No Traffic Lights at Grafton! 

Here’s a great bit of information you might be interested in!!

Two of our guest who stayed over the weekend for the Grafton Rowing Competition said that not only did they have a great stay with us at The Rosary B & B, enjoyed a super night out on the town, but what blew them away was that …There are no Traffic Lights in Grafton at all!!!

For people from the city (any city) coming into a fair sized town like Grafton and finding NO TRAFFIC LIGHTS was like an early Christmas Present!!

So keep that in your memory bank… Nest time you want a stress free holiday destination with all the trimmings of good restaurants and charming scenery

and all the rest this town has to offer…a row on the Clarence River if that’s your thing, give us a call and we’ll find a nice comfy bed, a relaxing couple of days away from the mad house and …..


Phone 02 664 22292 or mail